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Page Building | Photo Scanning | Website Hosting
Domain Registration/Transfer | Additional Services | Payment Method

The fee for each page created is US$25 (convert) or a web site package of five (5) simple pages for US$100 (convert). Simple pages refer to pages with only text, links, photographs, and minimal scripting. Additional fees may apply depending on the amount of additional sophistication and is negotiable upon discussion.

Photographs can be scanned for a fee of US$5 (convert) per photograph. This fee may increase slightly if additional "tweaking" is necessary for a photograph to appear better if lighting etc. is not optimal in the original. The amount of increase depends on the amount of alteration of the original, but will be minimal.

Twilight Creations offers services in web site hosting at a US$20 (convert) fee. For this service, a website may be stored and edited and accessed with its own server URL.

A domain name of your choice (e.g. twilightcreations.com) may be registered at a US$20 (convert) fee. If a domain name has already been registered, the domain can be transferred to a new host for the same fee. Note that this fee is only for the service of registration or transfer by Twilight Creations. The standard cost of registering a domain name is US$70 (convert) for two years. Twilight Creations registers domain names with Network Solutions, Inc. (" the dot com people™ "). Note that there is no guarantee that a domain name has not already been registered by another individual, company, corporation, etc.

Additional services such as online acceptance of checks and credit cards is dependent on the personalized requirements of each site. The opening of a merchant account and perhaps a checking account will be required involving bank fees, check and/or credit card-verifier fees, and merchant-acount provider fees. These fees will be quoted or discussed after determining the services you prefer. Addition of such services to your site is US$60 (convert). This fee is beyond the above-mentioned fees from third parties.

If there is something else you have in mind, please do not hesitate to contact Twilight Creations with your ideas by going to the "Contacts" link. Additional work may be possible- time and workload permitting.

The primary method of payment accepted is through Paypal. Please contact us if you have another preference or for an address at which you may send check or money order.